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Traditional seats lead to back problems and sedentary lifestyle. Our ergonomic ball seat, inspired by Pilates Swiss balls, offers a comfortable and stylish solution to improve posture and well-being. Combining design and ergonomics, it transforms your work experience at home or in the office.

Welness benefits

Approved by a physiotherapist

Promotes Back Wellness

Puts strength in your back

Promotes creativity

Modern comfort design

Designed with you in mind


Elegant and functional

Premium and lasts a long time

Seat properly and feel at ease

Bloon is not just a chair but a new way of sitting. More than a simple design, it introduces a new approach to sitting, promoting well-being through the adoption of dynamic posture

Dynamic posture

The circular weighted base helps to improve mobility and flexibility while sitting.

Appealing design

A full, soft, and plush round shape that brings a sense of tranquility.

Free your back from ashes

Stimulates your lower back and abdominal muscles to prevent pains from sitting.

Unique interior design

Make your home attractive with an innovative and new generation of furniture for a playful experience.

a vibrant array of colors

Choose from 15 exclusive colors to perfectly match any room.

Pearl Gray


Blue Mint


Platinum Gray


Red passion






Pastel Pink

light as air

Filled with air, the Bloon is very light and easy to carry.

durable fabric

Ultra-resistant, Oekotex-labeled textiles made in Portugal.

handle belt

Belt serves as a 360° handle for easy movement.

Removable and washable cover

Bloon cover is machine-washable and easy to care for.

easy valve access

Adjust density in seconds for personalized comfort and seating height.

anti-roll weighted base

Its weighted, traction-enhancing base promotes stability while sitting, and a tumbling effect.

Experience the ultimate in adaptability with our adjustable furniture. The Bloon seat is exceptionally flexible with its two available sizes. Easily adjust the seat height and density using the air pump, allowing for a customized and ergonomic sitting experience at your desk. Enjoy optimal comfort as you sit.

Experience comfort with Bloon
  • Diameter : 21.5” (55cm)
  • Sitting height : 17.5” - 20” (45cm - 50cm) (depending on inflation pressure)
  • Recommended user’s height : 4’11” - 5’10” (1m49 - 1m79)
  • Recommended desk’s height : 27.5” - 30” (70cm - 76cm)
  • Diameter : 25.6” (65cm)
  • Sitting height : 21.7” - 23.6” (55cm - 60cm) (depending on inflation pressure)
  • Recommended user’s height: 5’9”+ (1m80+)
  • Recommended desk’s height : 28.7” - 31.5” (73cm - 80cm)

Approved by physiotherapist community

"When it comes to sitting over long periods, dynamic posture is crucial. Proper ergonomics means continuous movement. Bloon seat offers the perfect compromise between comfort and mobility. Using regularly reinforces your core and helps strengthen your back."

Physiotherapist & Co-founder

over 100K satisfied customers

Feb 02, 2024

by Olivia Brooks

New Seat

For my chronic lower back pain exacerbated by sitting, I chose the Bloon ball seat after doing some research online. The purchase was exactly as ordered and arrived quickly. After over 15 days of using it to adjust to this new seat, I can already stay seated for longer periods without experiencing the lower back pain that used to force me to get up. This is very pleasant for me and encourages me to continue using this type of seating

Jan 23, 2024

by Alexie Peterson

A comfortable revolution

Very pleasant to use on a daily basis, comfortable, dynamic, it is very easy to adapt to the change in seating. I have no desire to go back to my old office chair anymore!

Jan 24, 2024

by Carmen Campbell

Very pleased with my experience.

I ordered 2 balls in 2 different sizes. The exterior appearance is very nice, and the fabric is of good quality. As for the seating experience, the balls are very comfortable, and my back is thrilled!

Jan 15, 2024

by Pete Maravich


I looked to see if there were any other models that matched Bloon, and I couldn't find any. The product is of excellent quality, and I use it every day at the office. I can feel a real difference since I swapped out my office chair. I no longer have that pulling sensation in my back that I used to get when I would leave my chair.

Jan 31, 2024

by Harry Bennet

Very good office chair

Following a herniated disc, I decided to try this ball because I work sitting down for 10 hours a day. It allows me to move my pelvis at any time and reminds me to engage my core regularly, which helps with abdominal strengthening and reducing pain.

Feb 8, 2024

by Lily Turner

Pure bliss!

I bought it for my workplace. Not only is it beautiful, but it's also super comfortable! I must admit that my back and derrière are delighted with this investment! 😉 I'm even considering buying a second one!

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We recommend starting with gradual use (1 hour/day) and, based on your physical sensations, increasing the duration of daily use.

It is important to note that prolonged sitting is not recommended.

When using a Bloon seat balloon, your body mobility will be engaged to activate your postural muscles.

The Bloon seat can replace a traditional seat or be used in complementarity.

If you experience any pain or discomfort, we recommend consulting a healthcare professional.

The Bloon seat is very easy to maintain thanks to its resistant fabric.

For light stains
Rub with a damp, soapy sponge.

For severe stains
Remove the cover of your Bloon by deflating it. Machine wash the cover below (30°C) without spinning (air drying is mandatory, no dryer).

The Bloon comes with a manual pump for inflation.

Thanks to Bloon's unique system, inflation is easy and takes only a few minutes.

The permanent access to the inflation valve allows you to inflate and deflate it easily, you can adjust the density to your body shape to achieve the right seating height.

Bloon Paris traces its roots back to 2017, born out of a visionary collaboration between a passionately innovative entrepreneur and a physiotherapist specialized in posture and movement. Together, they created the Bloon: an elegant and functional answer to the challenges of sedentary lifestyles. Blending design with ergonomics, the Bloon is more than just a piece of furniture; it's a genuine call to rethink the way we live and work. From day one, our mission has been to enhance the well-being of those who are sedentary at work and at home by offering solutions that energize the body and free the mind, making every space both more beautiful and healthier.

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