The new way to sit

At Bloon, we're convinced that movement is the key to well-being. And over 100,000 Blooneurs convinced since 2018.

That's the idea behind Bloon. Our products are designed to be good for body and mind. But not just any way. Each piece is based on patented innovations designed specifically to enhance the well-being of Blooneurs.

Our goal? To get people moving.
Our furnishings help you to stay dynamic in your day-to-day life, so you can stay in shape.

Our story

Bloon was born from the combination of an idea, friendship, expertise and a little luck. Raphaël and Kévin's meeting transformed their lives.

Kévin, an osteopath, had the idea of creating ergonomic covers for gym balls. After several prototypes, the concept matured. In 2017, Raphaël, driven by an entrepreneurial spirit, joined the adventure.

Together, they created Bloon Paris.

The designer's accomplice

For Bloon, beauty is an integral part of harmony.

The French Designer, Thomas de Lussac designed our balloon seat. With his geometric, avant-garde style, tinged with humor, he was able to put himself at the service of our product and its singular function.

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